Our club activities are designed to bring out the natural talents and abilities of our versatile breed. Many of our members are involved in herding, conformation, agility, animal-assisted therapy, obedience and we are looking for people and their dogs who are interested in some of AKC’s newer sports, rally-o and freestyle. We have something for everyone and their Beardies.

Feel free to visit our website often and always be sure to check for upcoming events. If you have any photos of your Beardies or stories you would like to share please contact our Webmaster.

The strength of any club lies in the membership and its participation. We hope that you will take an active part and join us for some great times and events together with your dogs.

Whether you live here permanently or just enjoy visiting the San Diego area you will always be welcomed at our events. Our Beardies feel that the more times THEY GET TOGETHER with their people, the better for all! We look forward to making wonderful memories and enjoying great times together throughout the year.

WELCOME to California's South Coast Beardie Bunch

We are an active club comprised of members from South Orange County to San Diego who share the common love of our wonderful breed.  Our members have Beardies of all ages, from fluffy, comical puppies to dignified "senior citizens" who bring a sense of maturity and dignity to our Club's events, well sometimes!!  Our Beardies come from many sources such as breeders, shelter and humane groups, rescue organizations and even pet stores.  All are welcome!

Our club hosts activities throughout the year that are of interest to all members.  Whether this is your first Beardie or you are a seasoned Beardie lover and owner, we offer many years of experience and help to support all members and their special dogs.  Who knows Beardies better than other Beardie owners?