So What's it all About Alfie ... let us tell you!!  California's South Coast Beardie Bunch is a group of 'human beans' owned by Beardies of various, shapes, sizes, ages and colors. We live in the South Orange and San Diego Counties of California!  Our Club was formed back in 2007 when we found that driving up to Los Angeles to the BCCSC to attend doggie events was taking just too much of our time on the Freeway - we were exhausted by the time we got there and good for nothing by the time we returned home!!  After much petitioning, pleading, ranting and raving to the AKC they finally relented and allowed us to start a Beardie Club primarily based in San Diego and extending into south Orange County.  Hooray - we were on our way at last!!

Our aim is to have fun with our Beardies!


1.  To encourage and promote the health, welfare and compassionate lifetime care of Bearded Collies
2.  To protect the Bearded Collie by educating the public about its history, standard, care and training
3.  To encourage the versatility of the Bearded Collie
4.  To serve as a support network for Bearded Collie owners
5.  To provide Beardies and their owners the opportunity to socialize
6.  To sponsor Beardie Mini-Camp

We are one of 16 Affiliate Clubs of The Bearded Collie Club of America (BCCA) that stretch from sea to shining sea, Maine to California.
We have Bylaws and a Constitution, and as an affiliate Club of the BCCA we are expected to follow the BCCA's Code of Ethics and the rules set out by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

If you would like to join us please contact our Membership Chair Sherrie Bie and she will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.  You can download our Membership Application here, just click on the surfer dude!
Interested in learning more?  Contact one of our Officers 

President - Carole Desmond
Vice President - Suzanne Easley-Buck
Recording Secretary - Jane Mazer
Corresponding Secretary - Sherrie Bie
Treasurer - Jim Desmond
Pat Cahill
Suzanne Easley Buck
Diane Glow
Les Mazer
Lonnie Smith
Anne Smith
Jeannette Zavakey

Garry Bie - Membership
Webmaster/Editor - Beardie Buzz - Jane Mazer

(preferably day)