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Beacon for Health - The Bearded Collie Foundation for Health

Bearded Collie Rescue - This link includes information on Rescues that are available for adoption, breed information, resources for shelters and rescue, adoption applications and success stories.  
BCCA National Rescue Coordinators (see above)

Beardie Connection  - Unfortunately sometimes Beardies have to be rehomed by their owners.  These are not shelter/rescue Beardies.  Owners become sick, die or have to move to a facility where their Beardies cannot go with them.  Some breeders rehome their retired show dogs. The Beardie Connection was started by Charlotte Laning in 1998, Jane Mazer took over from Charlotte and in 2009 Julie Sneed became the coordinator.  If you would like more information and an application to adopt, contact Julie Sneed.

BCCA Charitable Trust

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BDL - For Everything you Wanted to Know about Beardies - chat with others and have fun!

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To contact BCCA Rescue, contact the Nationwide Adoption Administrators below::
The BCCA Rescue program truly works.  Take a look.  Bonnie #297 at the San Diego County Shelter in Carlsbad was rescued by Anne and Lonnie Smith.  When they took her into their lives she was in a horrifying state, matted to the skin and starved. Bonnie had been rescued once before by the BCCA from a Missouri puppy mill at age 2 along with two other siblings.  Sadly after the first rescue she was delivered to a woman  thought to be reliable but who turned out to be a hoarder and was incapable of caring for her 9 dogs.
​In the beginning Anne and Lonnie wondered if Bonnie, at 9 years old, would ever be able to adjust to life in their home.

She was so fearful, unable to make eye contact and cowered each time they reached out to pet her.  

With their love and patience, a safe place to live and Anne's home cooked meals, Bonnie began to blossom and her "inner Beardie" started to appear!

Bonnie discovered her voice and turned out to be the loudest barker of their 3 Beardies and she also developed a joy for going on walks and running up and down hills at top speed. 

Another successful Rescue story - thank you Anne and Lonnie for all that you do for our breed, you are truly angels.